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Shipping for customers in Germany

We support you with the whole logistic with China. We can organize you an inexpensive deal for sample or small shipments from or to China, express or air freight transactions, even for bigger shipments like container or seafreight. We are your partner during the transport from China. Chinese merchandise and goods are popular all around the world.Who ever offers an optimum price performance ratio (including shipping), creates not only a solid business base but also trust for a long term cooperation. As a connoisseur of Chinese ways of working and production methods, we accompany your goods on site. Professional quality assurance means not only a competently first-article inspection, but also a supervision during the loading. So that your goods can arrive at the desired quality in your home port, we offer our customers the possibility to compile the goods inspection in China yourself. Thanks that there exists the option, to proof your supplier even before the completion of the order. For example we proof the current production in China, so you do not have to worry about it at the other end of the world. As your partner we have the necessary local knowledge and the knowledge of the peculiarities of Chinese production and forwarding operations. Only with our accompaniment will be the production of your goods a real alternative.

Express Shipping from China to Germany
Express Shipping from China to Germany

Express Shipping from China to Germany

Express delivery from Germany to China
Express delivery from Germany to China

By the express delivery from Germany to China it is very importent to have a partner on your site which is familiar with all possible contingencies and events all around the express delivery, in particular when time is of essence it is an additional burden to have an incompent partner. The costs of your express shipping are starting from already 5 Euro the kg, but that depends of the weight of your shipment. The lighter your shipment is, the lower the price will be in the end.

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