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Hong Kong Incorporation - Book Your Hong Kong Company Online!

1250,00 EUR


Online establishment of your company in Hong Kong. Please fill out all fields if you want to establish your own business company, in Hong Kong, online. Of course we will contact you, if you have any questions for the foundation of your own company. You will receive the documents as a PDF file and we need then the original file to be returned signed (in advance by scanning). The complete foundation will take about 14 days.
Agentur Frisch as Your witness for Pass/ ID and signature
set of company chops
Preparation of the banking appointment in Hong Kong
Tax Consultant in Hong Kong (per Year)
Nominee director (annual fee)
Support for bank negotiations for opening an account
desired company name *
Share Currency (HKD, EUR or USD) *
Share capital (liability coverage) - must not be paid *
Nominal Value of Each Share *
Witness to the authenticity of your identity documents and signature with name, occupation and address
Who is the director? (can be also the shareholder) with complete address and nationality *
Director of identification document (eg. Passport, ID card or Hong Kong Chinese ID card) *
Shareholders with complete address, nationalitys, passport number and number of shares (Percent) *
Business activities (short description) *
* Required
plus 19 % TAX

The foundation of your own business company will be performed by Greenland Group Limited in Hong Kong.


  • Including all necessary documents

  • Including all start-up and registration costs

  • Ready for the opening of a Bank Account

  • Including one year of secretarial services in Hong Kong

  • Registered Office in Hong Kong

  • Follow-up costs 1000 EUR per year ( incl. all regulatory costs )


Optional services:


- Confirmation as a witness by the Agentur Frisch in Berlin

- Preparation of the date for the opening of the bank account in Hong Kong

- Company stamp ( you will get in the mail as well as the Company papers )

- Tax consultancy in Hong Kong


Hong Kong Company Incorporation Instruction


1. Find a free company name on the website from the Hong Kong company registry

2. Enter at the top of the booking process the necessary data

3. Pay in the purchase the whole price with the by us accepted payment methods

4. Find a witness ( or hire us as your witness ),download, print and sign all the documents and send them to us by fax or e-mail scan for a preliminary examination and after the confirmation by airmail from Hong Kong. The forms you can obtain from us within three business days.

5. Wait for the official authorization. The start-up process usually takes about 11 days.



The applicant needs an official identification document in English, optimal is a passport (Reisepass ).

The applicant must find a witness for the signatures on the documents and for the presentation of the original passport.

Technical requirements

You need to have an email account

Adobe Reader (Free Download)

Adobe Reader Traditional Chinese Font Pack (Free Download)

FireFox (Free Download) or Internet Explorer web browser

An inkjet printer or laser printer

A4 paper (at least 17 pages)

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