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(DE) DPI During production inspection in China

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The examiner is already during the production in the factory where your goods will be manufactured and inspects them, so you have a scoreboard. You can choose for example at which percentage of the production your goods should be checked, rather at 20 % / 50 % or 80 % . Please upload us while you are booking the proforma invoice, packing list or a data sheet, so that the examiner has a basis for testing. Special features for the inspection should be described from you in the text box.
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Send us a sample in advance (costs incl. Shipping from Germany)
The inspector should for you take and send a sample?
More cost Hong Hong / Taiwan / Macao
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costs: Anzahl Tage inkl. Reise/ Number of Days include Travel


Who checks?


The inspection will be performed by the Greenland Group Limited, the Agentur Frisch mediates the inspection.


What will be checked?


Of course your goods will be checked by a local inspector, he will check the processing, the dimensions and the weight. According to your instructions, we can also test the functionality of the product. The inspector also checks the labels, lettering and logos. As well as the type of packaging will be checked and photographically recorded by the inspector on site. The inspector will check the products according to the individual product requirements or according to your specifications.


Your advantage


You will get to know even during the production if a series fault has already crept in the production and whether the manufacturer complies with the quality you expect. In addition to that, you have the control over the production level, so you have the possibility to uncover delays that the manufacturer have not disclaimed yet to you. But usually those delays can even be avoid, because the supplier wants to fulfill the requirements until the interim inspection.




You have the opportunity in advance to send us a sample, in this case, the inspector goes only to the factory, if he has this sample in his hands.


You have the option that the inspector sends or brings you a sample from the supplier.


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costs: Anzahl Tage inkl. Reise/ Number of Days include Travel
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