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(IN) PSI Pre Shipment Inspection in China

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The goods will be checked by the forwarding agency after the completion of the production and even before the pickup to make sure that the quantity and quality matches with your order.
competence level
The inspector should for you take and send a sample?
Social Audit desired (described below)
You sent a sample for the inspector in China?
More cost Hong Hong / Taiwan / Macao
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costs: Anzahl Tage inkl. Reise/ Number of Days include Travel


Who checks?




The inspection will be performed by the Greenland Group Limited, the Agentur Frisch mediates the inspection.




What exactly will be checked ?




The complete overall appearance of the goods will be checked as well as the functionality, your specific testing expectations ( please specify in text box ), the packaging, the logos, the labels and so on...


You will receive a detailed report with several photos to make sure that the quality of the goods is like you desired and after that you can decide whether to release the goods or can instruct your Chinese supplier to do a rework.




Your benefits


You have the option to decrease defect-free goods or you order by your Chinese supplier a rework, until the goods will be defect-free.








You have the opportunity in advance to send us a sample, in this case the inspector goes only to the factory, if he has this sample in his hands.


Furthermore you have the option to let the inspector bring you a sample from the Chinese manufacturer.


You can also let determine the social conditions in the factory by a surprising audit without any notifications ( for example child labor, work of high pregnant, internal security, cleanliness, and so on... )


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costs: Anzahl Tage inkl. Reise/ Number of Days include Travel
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