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Inspection of samples in China

60,00 EUR


A sample can not be shipped ( for example: liquids, hazardous materials ). But you you have no time to wait until the sample will be in Germany? We can let the sample be examined even after checklist for you. Please upload us your checklist and we will check your sample already in China for you ( up to max. 10, kg ).
Send us a sample in advance (costs incl. Shipping from Germany)
The inspector should for you take and send a sample?
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Your suppliers contact details
product details (item number etc.)
plus 19 % TAX
costs: pro Muster/ for each sample


Who checks?



The inspection will be performed by the Greenland Group Limited, the Agentur Frisch mediates the inspection.



What exactly will be checked?



The inspector checks the first sample from the supplier.




Your benefits



You get at the beginning knowledge of whether the supplier has understood your instructions and is producing your goods as you required. In addition to that, you will even get to know whether the quality of raw materials and consumables is according to the ordered product quality. If it is necessary because you are not satisfied with the supplier, the production plan will be changed at the beginning of the production







You have the opportunity in advance to send us a sample, in this case, the inspector goes only to the factory, if he has this sample in his hands.


You have the option that the inspector sends or brings you a sample from the supplier.


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costs: pro Muster/ for each sample
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