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Workshop Global Sourcing (Half Day)

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workshop, which is based on global sourcing,.
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The Agentur Frisch regularly organizes workshops for the topic „Global Sourcing". During the workshop, the benefits of global sourcing will be elaborated for each participant, so every participant can experience what is beneficial for his company and what is not. In the second step, we take a look at what disadvantages or risks global sourcing entails for the individual companie and at least even how the risks can be minimized.


What is the impact of global sourcing on my entire company, from the quality control of the logistics to the supply chain management up to the cash flow? This workshop is for the companies or employees (which are responsible for the global sourcing), who have to face the issues of the Global Sourcing. Among the top issues in the international purchasing are difficulties with the production quality, logistics as well as dealing with cultural barriers. Take advantage of the experience of the participants and get to know tactics that fit your business.

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