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Express delivery from Germany to China

When time is of essence, express shipping from Germany to China

We organize your express shipping already from 5 Euro the kg. If your shipment weights maximum 1 kg, the beneficiary receives it with a blanket shipping cost of 28 Euro. The lighter your shipment is, the lower the price will be in the end. Do not entrust your shipments flippantly any consignor. We controll the shipment of your goods from Berlin, so you and your goods do not experience any nasty suprises. In the field of goods shipments to and from China all depends on how good the sender is familiar with the special conditions of trade in the Far East. Only if you are aware of all the peculiarities of the Chinese market, you can move in the trade with China on a safe ground. We are familiar with all possible contingencies and events all around the trade with China. In addition, you as a customer stay always on the safe side even by the payment. Here everything counts on a safe payment process, PayPal stands for that, your payment arrives safely by the sender as well as your goods delivery to your customer. So the overseas trade loses its horror.




from 7,50 EUR
1750,00 EUR
1500,00 EUR
plus 19 % TAX
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